How it all started

As a banker, I learned to analyze balance sheets and to grant loans on this basis. At the age of 24, I went to Paris and learned that it is not the numbers that determine the business, but the relationships between people. Learning benefit No. 1: Business is Human!

Just as Obelix fell into the magic potion, I suddenly became a sought-after mediator between the Germans and the French and understood learning benefit No. 2: When there is distrust, all differences become obstacles. 

Fascinated by the complementarity between Germans and French, I founded «JPB Consulting» in 1984. In 1987, my alter ego Pierre de Bartha joined me and we expanded JPB to become the market leader in consulting and support for Franco-German mergers and cooperation. These experiences gave me learning benefit No.3: When trust prevails, all differences become opportunities.

How it continued

For over 25 years, we have worked with more than 20,000 managers and engineers from both countries on a more conscious form of cooperation. In our seminar center near Fontainebleau, France, we worked with numerous top managers who had to agree on common strategies and organizational changes in a sometimes very difficult emotional merger environment. 

In 2008, I decided to move to Lausanne, Switzerland, with my wife Francine and family and founded a subsidiary company of JPB named HE2BE.The focus is on the management of collective emotions in change projects. 


At HE2BE , I am still involved as a partner in demanding consulting projects. However, I decided to dedicate myself more to passing on my 40 years of experience in international business. Today, I am a member of the Executive Education Team of the University of Lausanne (HEC) and hold numerous lectures on the subject of collaborative intelligence in the age of Digital 4.0,
while at the same time I am offering executive coaching sessions with my wife Francine, in which we combine body and relationship awareness 

Last but not least, I now have the opportunity to work even more closely with numerous excellent partners whom I have been able to meet and appreciate over the past few years. 

Conclusion: Especially in the age of digitalisation, the people’s ability to use knowledge productively through intelligent and more conscious interaction will make the decisive difference. I am committed to this with unbroken passion, enthusiasm and empathy. Business is Human! 

At a glance

  • International expert in the field of collaborative intelligence with focus on Germany, France and Switzerland
  • 9 years of experience as a banker in a major bank in Germany and France
  • Since 34 years: Entrepreneur and management consultant with focus on relationship and change management in the international environment for coporations, medium-sized companies and NPOs
  • Many years of experience in advising on mergers and organisational changes
  • Keynote-Speaker and lecturer for corporate conferences and organisations such as the Franco-German Chamber of Commerce, Petersberger Trainertage, Centre Patronal Vaud, Q-Pool 100 Leadershipkongress and others
  • Consulting projects for many top companies such as ACCOR, Airbus Gruppe, CHANEL, Air Liquide, eon, Nestle, Nespresso, PICTET Gruppe, Sicpa, Siemens, Thales, UBS and others
  • Member of the Executive Education Team HEC Lausanne / UNIL
  • Awards for innovative services and presentations such as «Grand Prix de la Performance Commerciale» or «Strategiepreis EKS/FAZ/Peat Marwick »